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The sweetest revenge is served by a determined, contemptuous woman; even better plated up when cold. Sweet Revenge by endowed author, Vivi Dumas, is the icing on the cake in my opinion. Ms. Dumas satisfies the appetite of her audience by creating a sequel that flows seamlessly with dynamic characters, an intriguing setting, a highly erotic romance and a flawless storyline. The book Sweet Revenge is an arsenal of paranormal action, romance and suspense.

The women in Sweet Revenge are anything but genteel. Isabella LaCoste and Angel Dias are spicy, energetic and kick-butt women who are fearless in the face of the devil himself when it comes to protecting loved ones.

Vivi Dumas brings the heat to the confrontational issues between good and evil, social, cultural and racial components, as well as human and non-human personas. The vibration throughout Sweet Revenge reminds me of the thunderous beat of a marching band competition between the top two contenders. Ms. Dumasmanufactures settings and characters that require unrestricted, free-spirited energy of a writer with conviction and plenty of soul to captivate the minds of readers; thereby, transporting them outside of themselves and their world. I appreciate such finely developed skills and devoured Sweet Revenge like a starving woman coming off of a six month chocolate fast. :-) The settings were realistically illustrated from New Orleans and beyond to the bowels of Hell.

Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Naunet!

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Vicky’s Review

I recieved this book though Good Reads First Reads.

A story of family , friends, love… what is good and what is evil. A group of aquaintenance become friends in the most unique way as some of them also explore love…(click Goodreads link to read full review)

Good Reads

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Dumas delivers the second book in the Dueling With the Devil series with tighter prose and her trademark wonderfully layered plot. Readers can get down and dirty with the demons and the rich cast of characters who arise from the pages with clear emotional angst and realism…(click link below for full review)

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